Middle East vs Far East - Where Should I Go?

Question Middle East Far East
Where is it?
UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait
Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, South Korea
Distance from Europe?
Nearer! Most countries are roughly a 7 hour flight from the UK and it can be done in one flight.
Further! Usually around 12 hours depending on where you’re going. You can do this usually in one flight, but changing planes may be cheaper but of course - longer.
English widely spoken in most countries
The amount of English spoken is hit and miss. Depending on their colonial past, some countries have a lot of English speakers - Malaysia and Singapore, and some don’t - China and Vietnam
How easy is it to get a job?
Very easy! Lots of jobs in international schools and language schools in the countries listed above
Very easy! Lots of jobs in international schools and language schools in the countries listed above
Where are the most jobs?
Which country is the easiest to live in?
UAE, specifically Dubai
Are the locals friendly with expats?
Yes, very friendly, the Arab people are lovely and very used to non-Arabs living in the region.
Yes, great people in Asia, they are used to western holiday makers and even in places which aren’t, they love westerners.
Are the countries developed?
Yes, there is a lot of wealth in the Middle East and the countries are mostly developed
Not all countries are developed, but some are highly developed - Japan, Singapore and S. Korea
Great food! The Arabian food is a lot of meat, breads, hummus with vegetables and legumes.
Great food! It varies a lot throughout the continent but it’s all awesome.
Islam is the official religion of the Arabic world. You can privately practise your own religion but not publicly.
No issues here at all. Many religions are practised. Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism and others are common but there aren’t any restrictions for people with other religions.
Because of local culture and Islamic law, you are expected to cover your elbows and knees at least. (To the ankle in Saudi Arabia). No need for females to cover their head in any of these countries.
No issues with clothing at all.