My Top 10 Favourite Teaching Apps

Here are a few of the teaching apps I’ve used and provide a lot of value by saving time and improving learning outcomes for my students.


top ten teaching apps

Google ClassroomEasy to access as it’s part of Google Workspace. This app is excellent for communicating with your students similar to a social media feed, plus you can set assignments and take them in to mark through the app. /td>
Oxford OwlThe website for the Oxford University Press subscription brands including ‘Oxford Reading Tree’, ‘Project X’, ‘Read Write Inc’, ‘Numicon’, all commonly used in UK schools. Schools can order physical resources and use online tools. Parents have access to an E-book library.
Flip(Formerly Flipgrid) is a video sharing app, where students can take short videos, use text and audio, and is an excellent tool to demonstrate learning.
Class DojoThis works like a social media feed where you can write to all parents on a ‘wall’ or privately message them. You can award students points for good behaviour and they’ll love the little monsters!
CanvaNot an education app as such, but can be used as a graphic design tool by teachers and students for making posters, adding graphics to documents or use for any kind of design work
SeesawAn app with a huge amount of learning opportunities. You can monitor student achievement against targets and there’s an excellent library of activities.
PadletThis is a great tool for gathering ideas from students on a document as they can contribute ideas on a virtual post-it note.
JamboardAlso part of Google Workspace. Use Jamboard for students to add pictures and text on a given subject, then easily share it. Students can create their own Jamboards or contribute to a group one.
KahootA great quiz app, where you can make our own quizzes or use existing ones by searching for your subject, reducing your prep time. Students log in and they can use their phones to answer multiple choice questions.
PeardeckA real hidden gem! Liven up your Google Slides with this app, as it makes your teaching much more interactive. You can add polls, quizzes, true/false, pictorial answers and many more, once the students have logged in.