Is QTS Enough To Teach In Dubai?

What is Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)?

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a UK qualification for teachers, which indicates they have passed their teaching practices and completed a teaching qualification.

It is in fact more of a status than a qualification because it’s approved for the individual when you pass a PGCE where a degree has already been achieved, or a BA degree with QTS integrated within it.

What qualifications do I need?

To get a job in an international school abroad, including the UAE, you can apply holding the same qualifications you would need when applying in the UK. You don’t need more qualifications to teach abroad, but certainly not less.

It’s true that you might be teaching western expat students who may already be native English speakers or you may be teaching local students who may or may not have English. Either way, you don’t need more qualifications. An ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) isn’t needed. 

If you want to teach children, teens or adults ESOL in a language school, then you would need the Cambridge CELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL, or higher level qualifications. In this case, QTS isn’t needed, but for an international school (normal schooling for 4-18 year olds) it is needed. 

Another exception might be teaching nursery children under 4 years old. You will need QTS to teach a Pre-School or Reception class, but for children under that age, you may or may not need QTS. Check with individual schools on this. You will need childcare qualifications such as NVQ or CACHE Level 3 at least. A degree will be preferred and may be essential in some countries including the UAE. A higher level status for early years practitioners is the EYPS or EYTS (Early Years Professional Status or Early Years Teacher Status). Unfortunately, this isn’t as recognised as QTS but could be enough to get you a job if you’re a degree holder.