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Welcome to Ventureteach!

This site is for you if you’re a teacher thinking of moving abroad.
It’s understandable that you’d be apprehensive and have questions, this is where our forum and blog come in. Feel free to check out our posts, ask questions and comment on the forum. I’ve divided the forum roughly into continents so you can post and read answers relevant to you. You can ask any questions such as about your destination’s weather, what to take, what to wear, the culture in certain cities or individual schools.The forums are named after fantastic children I’ve taught in the past.

I’ll answer many of these questions at length in my blogs so check them out.

I’m from the UK, I have 30 years’ experience working with young children and 7 years working abroad in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. I noticed there wasn’t anywhere that you can find out what it’s really like to move abroad and work in international schools! I had so many questions when I first made the move.
For many reasons (including the earning potential!) I’d highly recommend a few years teaching abroad, it’s great for your CV and broadens the mind.

I’ve begun this site to help you on your journey.
Let us know all your burning questions!

The rules are – be a nice person:
No spam or unsolicited link dropping
No bad-mouthing individual schools
No rudeness, but you can politely disagree with someone.

Contact me on heyventureteach@gmail.com

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